Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturdays are for what again?

So my little sweet pea and I slept in as late as she let us- a whopping 9:30am.  It is comical to me because I can remember the Saturdays pre-child when I slept in till like noon.  What did I do with all of the free time?  I was so self-indulged and lazy compared to me now!  It is amazing what babies do to you for the better!

Back to today- I have so far managed to eat HO R R I B L E.  This past week I went to Publix and bought healthier food than normal (for me) - like soups, wheat bread, cases of water, and crackers.  Well I broke that a day later by buying cupcakes & chocolate.  Ugh.  I am such an emotional eater and when shopping at Publix being in a grouchy mood- of course chocolate and cupcakes would come out of that trip.  I go off on tangents enough huh. . .

I have eaten crappy today and not changed out of my pj's. . . However, I have worked on court stuff for my attorney meeting Tuesday. I hope it goes well and not south how I feel it will.  We have to respond to my ex's petition by the 16th and that is sooo close. 

On another note, only 4-5hrs of daylight left and I have decided to watch tv with princess, take her to the park and then call it a day by having supper with a friend and some good girl talk.  My to do list is however looming over my head but the attorney meeting is clouding the clarity of my list causing me to think I won't truly accomplish anything on that list until I have taken care of the meeting Tuesday.  Wish me luck, my baby girl and I need all of it!

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